I haven’t posted too much in the last month or two because I’ve been working on some larger projects. But I’m still cranking along on socks. Just last week I finished a pair I call, for lack of a more imaginative name, Stripey!

The yarn is Alisha Goes Around.  While I loved knitting with it, winding it was a nightmare because it was all tangled in the skein and it took over an hour to get it to a useable state. However, I do really love how clean her stripe transitions are. What do you think?

This pair brings me to a total of 6 pairs for the year – not bad for the beginning of June!

I’ve also still been spinning. A few of my recent spins:

This is a braid dyed by Into the Whirled. It’s an 80/20 Merino/Silk mix and feels luscious. This time I stuck with the original name: Goldsworthy.

I’ve also spun a few of those crazy batts I brought home from Yarn School:

So far I’m up to about 5.5 lbs for the year in spinning, so I’ll need to kick that up a notch. But Tour de France/Tour de Fleece is just around the corner so I think I’ll catch up.

More soon as I cast on and start spinning a ton of new June projects!


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