Imaginary Internet Points.

Some of my local knitting friends and I decided that we wanted to join the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. Basically this is a group that organizes itself around the model of Hogwarts. Each “term” is 3 months. You sign up to play, and you get sorted into a house for the term. Each month there are tons of “classes” to choose from: each has a prompt to knit some kind of themed project. When you finish the project and post the details you get points.  At the end of the “term” the House with the most points wins the Cup!

Yes this is all terribly contrived, but I can’t believe how the presence of imaginary internet points has motivated me to get cracking on my knitting projects.  I’ve been crafting what I want to, and writing little stories about the items to ensure that they fit the prompt. (as opposed to deciding what to knit based solely upon the prompts)  I can’t show you everything I’ve crafted this month because many are gifts, but I can share a few.

The first is a hat that I knit to look like the hat that Hermione wears in The Deathly Hallows. When I first saw the movie I immediately came home and looked for patterns. As is the case with knits featured on TV and in films, there is no official pattern, but there are several that look similar to what I wanted. I chose to knit the Trinity Hat.  I had 2 skeins of Knit Picks Capra, a merino cashmere yarn that I was saving for a good project and this was it!

Another class prompt was to craft something in metallic colors, like the metal in your cauldrons.  I already had a skein of handspun beautiful fall colors that I hoped to weave into a scarf for the craft sale. This weekend I pulled out the loom and I wasn’t disappointed. Copper kettles anyone?

This scarf is now available in the shop!

The final project I can show you is some handspun that I spun up for a shawl to be knit in October. I had already selected this skein and I submitted it to the Apothecary (potions) class as inspired by a beautiful array of glass bottles I might find in an apothecary.  This is Maude & Me fibers (currently on hiatus while moving) in a soft merino:

The rest of my projects for this month’s imaginary internet points have to remain a secret for now but I’ll reveal them later on. Now I’m off to finish up the last few projects of the month before October 1st kicks off a new round of classes and projects!


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