Fall crafting.

I don’t know about you but as soon as the temperature drops I go into KNIT ALL THE THINGS mode. The mornings have been in the 30s this week and all I can thinking about is tights, skirts, sweaters, boots… warm wooly things.

The first thing I wanted was a big warm cozy shawl. I purchased a skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina (cashmere mmmm!) and spun some merino and a yak merino blend and I was off to the races. I knit Fifty Shades of Any Colour by Susan Ashcroft.

I ended up with a shawl measuring almost 68″ across and 20″ deep. It’s so warm and soft I can’t stop reaching for it each day.

I’ve had a few things on the spinning wheel, but the one I’m happiest with is some Southern Cross Fiber Texel.  I’d never spun Texel before. It’s definitely not a soft wool – it’s more rustic and crisp – but it drafted beautifully and it has such a luster and shine to it!

Finally I wove a quick houndstooth scarf on my loom. I was pleasantly surprised that the Knitpicks Stroll I used is not only durable (merino/nylon blend) but really soft. And I think the green/grey combo adds a modern twist on a fashion classic.

Both the handspun yarn and handwoven scarf are now available in my shop!

Now if you’ll excuse me there are a couple of handknit afghans on my couch that I’m longing to crawl under and get warm.


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