The best laid plans.

A little over a month ago I wrote how excited I was for NaKniSweMo and I presented you with my grand plan for my November sweater.  Let’s just say…

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other… -Robert Frost


Just after I wrote the weather turned cold. I evaluated my wardrobe, and looked at what was slated as trendy this fall (not that I’m a trendy girl – often I’m more of a “what not to wear”) and changed my mind.

I had this beautiful handspun yarn from this year’s Tour de Fleece and I really wanted to make something from it. I envisioned a tunic with three quarter sleeves. Simple, to be worn over chocolate brown leggings with boots. Something fun and a little stylish and comfy.

So I thought about it. And I reviewed my pattern library. And I swatched.

And I thought some more.  I decided it would be a bit of a Frankensweater – I’d use the cast on and upper shaping from my Mary Jane. I started there on November first and things went swimmingly.

I got to where I separated for the sleeves and started on the body. And I was stumped. How did I want to shape it? I could do standard waist shaping. I could try and mess around with bust darts.  I was overrun with choices and I couldn’t handle the pressure. So instead I went back up top and did the sleeves next.

Aaaaah. Perfect. But then it was back to the same decisions about the infernal body. Ultimately I went with some gathering under the bust, and a small ribbed panel in the small of my back which shaped the garment nicely.

But all of this deciding and hemming and hawing takes time. (As does trying to figure out what to do with the collar – I’ve been there and done that and ripped it out three times already!)

So as of last night I was here:

Still needed: 6-8 more inches on the body. Something around the neck (please excuse the sports bra).  My lovely and fashionable other half suggested a big cozy cowl neck. I have the yarn for it, so I think I’m going to take his advice.  The real question: will I finish by November 30? I guess we’ll find out!


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