November Knits

I guess November was a bit of a “me” month. I did knit a few other things which I can’t share because they are holiday gifts, but I did have a banner month in new couture for me.

First up, my NaKniSweMo sweater. I bound off on November 28 and took advantage of the beautiful unseasonable 50 degree weather over Thanksgiving weekend (and my new tripod and remote) to shoot a few pictures of my sweater. I’m calling it Sweet as (Cherry) Pie:

I love it. It’s everything I wanted it to be: a tunic to wear with leggings, cozy, fall-ish, a big cowl neck, dressy enough for work, but casual enough for knocking around if I want to. In the future, however, I’m probably going to stick to patterns rather than riffing my own. Although I love this one, I didn’t love the decision making process, or the ripping.

I also knit a few new accessories this month. My friend Kate has recently launched a podcast and has declared her undying love for hats, specifically a couple of Jared Flood hats. I had a pattern from a magazine I bought a while ago, and some stash yarn and I became obsessed with a hat. A few hours worth of work and I had a cheery, cozy, tweedy new hat:

The pattern is Relm by Jared Flood and the yarn is Classic Elite Portland Tweed in Ruby Red.

Finally, in homage to the 80’s and my cold knees, I knit some legwarmers. I wanted something a little classy, that I might even get away with wearing at work. Last year I fell in love with the Nozky pattern and I had some yarn in the stash (imagine that!).  A few weeks of lunchtime knitting and I had my legwarmers:

Now it’s on to December. Bring on the knits and spins!


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