Teacap: Vacation steeps, week 1

This week Wes and I took off across the U.S., determined to see as many National Parks and Monuments as we could. I packed up a tin of tea samples that I have received in swaps and with orders to sip my way across the USA. I’ve noted a few below that I sampled this week:

Salada, White Tea Asian Plum – This one was delightfully plummy. Someone sent me a few bags of this in a swap package and I’ve enjoyed each one.  I would definitely recommend if you want something light and fruity.

Harney & Sons, Paris – This one was a black tea with hints of caramel, currant and citrus.  I’m solidly middle of the road here. It wasn’t a bad tea and I did get a little caramel flavor, but I also have to say I’m not a fan of caramel flavor in tea (despite loving caramel).  This isn’t one I would add to my collection.

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js“>Phoenix Herb Company, Summer Breeze – The Phoenix Herb Company is a local Kansas City store and I picked up this sample at the tea festival I attended this summer.  Unfortunately they don’t have this tea listed on the site so I can only guess at the ingredients. It was lightly fruity and I did see a rosebud in the loose leaf.  I used my favorite Tea Duckie infuser for this cup.

Lana’s Little Big House, Apple Almond – I’m a fan of this black tea blend, accented with cinnamon, apples and almonds.  It’s warm and cozy and a little like apple pie in a cup. I just ordered a sample, but I’m a fan!

Newby, Masala Chai – This one was sent to me by a very generous viewer of the podcast. It is absolutely delicious and I may have to order some more. Aside from the lovely packaging (I adore the elephant), the tea is a strong black with spices.  I have mine with a bit of sugar, but I bet it would be delicious brewed with honey and milk.

Now I just have to decide what to drink tonight!


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