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Its our pleasure to disgust you watch online

Untitled (It's our pleasure to disgust you) Barbara Kruger; The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Connect with MOCA on Facebook Join our newsletter. See more What others are saying "We made collaged responses to Kruger in class, then I made two on photoshop; connoting a positive message of Selhurst by challenging stereotypes a. Watching pus come out of someone else’s skin is inherently grosser than watching it come out of your own, but if you’ve seen the latter enough times, your disgust for the former can start to fade, too — and in its place, you feel only the same satisfaction you’d get from squeezing your own zits.

Its our pleasure to disgust you
Its our pleasure to disgust you

In those early days, there was no treatment. You were its our pleasure to disgust you to die. I only survived by luck. This deep understanding can be supplemented by this posting. In terms of the art, I find the earlier narratives are much more powerful and focused than the contemporary work. Can you imagine being an artist, being Haring, working on the wax mould in hospital being treated for AIDS-related illness, thinking that this could possibly be the last art work that you would ever complete. That you would never see it produced.
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Its our pleasure to disgust you
Its our pleasure to disgust you
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