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Uncle finger fucked me
Uncle finger fucked me

Let's just say when I was much younger, we used uncle finger fucked me have fun family holidays with Mum, my brother and sister, as we used to visit Mum's brother Dave and his family down south. They uncle finger fucked me there for his job, he was a maintenance engineer with a large company. Anyhow, this one summer holiday ended up with a nice twist. He used to still go into work, 2 or 3 days of the week and join us for the beach etc. He'd already done his usual couple of days, when the first Friday came and got a phone call asking him to go in for a repair, as it wasn't critical he said he'd do it on the Saturday when the only person about would be the security guard. Dave only having girls asked me if I wanted to tag along, to which I agreed.
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Anyone know who the lady at 7:45 is?

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Uncle finger fucked me
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