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Thoughts are ‘a god’ ‘ are “a god”.’ ̶ Joshua Jung When I read Joshua Jung’s proverb, one of his proverb ‘. Sep 30,  · Cunt of the Day @cuntoftheday Shrub Monkey trawls the world news to bring you a Cunt of the Day each and every day. Please Tweet nominations with a link to the story. Mar 09,  · [italic]She's a cunt. Hope she gets raped in prison with a broom handle. And hope the whole prison yard watches and does nothing.[/italic] She's not going to prison. [italic]Molly makes me want to support the death penalty.[/italic] You need serious psychiatric help.

Molly wei is a cunt
Molly wei is a cunt

There's nothing about what happened to Tyler Clementi that isn't completely horrible, as the current trial against Clementi's roommate Dharun Ravi reminds us. And even though she initially played a role in the event which led to Clementi's suicide, I'm pretty sure year-old former Rutgers student Molly Wei knows exactly how horrible it was Talk about a cautionary tale. Wei molly wei is a cunt to testify on behalf of the prosecution to avoid jail time she also has to complete hours of community serviceand from the account she's given thus far it's clear the girl didn't have any idea that what she was doing with now-ex pal Ravi would lead to such a tragedy. According to Wei's account, even though she helped Ravi set up her MacBook Pro and a remote video camera to spy on Clementi's dorm-room date with another man, she was shocked when the image of the two boys making out appeared onscreen. She says Ravi was surprised, too, and I'm sure he was -- but I'm also fairly sure that's exactly what he was expecting to see, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to spy on his roommate when he asked for an evening of privacy. Wei, on the molly wei is a cunt hand, molly wei is a cunt looks about as capable of telling a lie as a blueberry muffinprobably never imagined she and Ravi would actually catch Clementi in any kind of act.
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Molly wei is a cunt
Molly wei is a cunt
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