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Hodgkins and vaginal discharge watch online

It's important to recognize the signs of abnormal vaginal discharge because it could be a sign of infection or other health condition. If you experience a vaginal discharge that suddenly and randomly increases, this may be a sign of a problem. Another change that may indicate a problem is a discharge that is bright yellow or greenish in color. Nov 05,  · Vaginal examination revealed a firm, non-tender, mass in the posterior vaginal wall. The initial clinical impression was that of a vaginal carcinoma and a biopsy under local anesthesia was performed, but the result was inconclusive. Normal vaginal discharge is a healthy bodily function. It’s your body’s way of cleaning and protecting the vagina. For instance, it’s normal for discharge to increase with sexual arousal and.

Hodgkins and vaginal discharge
Hodgkins and vaginal discharge

New author database being installed, click here for details. Vagina Malignant tumors Lymphoma Author: Page views in Accessed December 26th, Primary vaginal lymphoma is rare with favorable hodgkins and vaginal discharge and a good response rate. Most common clinical presentation is vaginal bleeding, vaginal mass, vaginal discharge, dyspareunia and abdominal or pelvic pain Rarely patients are asymptomatic If diagnosed at early stage, B symptoms are rarely seen Acta Haematol ;
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Hodgkins and vaginal discharge
Hodgkins and vaginal discharge
Hodgkins and vaginal discharge
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