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Computer Courses: Common Adult School Courses in Computers. Computer classes for adults cover topics that range from a basic introduction to Web design. Every kid needs to know how to use computers as the powerful tools that they are. The CEO of my company, Webucator, is beginning to homeschool his 7th grade daughter next year. In searching for curriculum, he couldn’t find a lot of great free online software and web development courses. Introduction to Computers. Intro to Computers is for students with little or no computer experience. It is taught in eight class periods of two hours each and includes an Instructor Guide and Student Manual. Attendance Roster (en Español) Syllabus (en Español) Instructor Guide .

Paul Community Literacy Consortium. Some computer skills may have several lessons associated with them and some lessons may cover several computer skills. The lessons are grouped by computer task and skill. The teachers on this project highly recommend incorporating keyboarding practice into your curriculum. Using a keyboarding program such as Mavis Beacon every day will help your students feel comfortable on the keyboard. These materials are free for others adult curriculum for intro to computers use non-commerciually.
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Adult curriculum for intro to computers
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