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The Proper Way to Wipe Your Butt December 6, 7 Comments Call it what you will; rear, fanny, derrière, buttocks, ass, arse, backside, bum, buns, can, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, rear end, trunk, the bottom line is everyone has a butt and you are going to spend a good part of your . Seriously, if you don’t believe me then wipe your ass all the way front to back until the paper is clean and you think you’re done. Then if you want the surprise of your life just give it one good wipe back to front and you’ll be mortified at all the shit you’ve been leaving behind when . How To Wipe Your Butt: Step 1. Now you can begin wiping. It is important that you remain seated for the duration of the procedure, as this ensures proper area coverage and meticulous cleansing. Start out with a decent size wad of tissue; three balled-up squares should be plenty.

Proper way to wipe your ass
Proper way to wipe your ass

One would assume that hitting the head to go number two is included in that group of skills. The thing is, pooping is more complicated than most of us want to admit. Of course, nobody proper way to wipe your ass to talk about poo-problems, so we all end up suffering in silence. As it turns out, there is more than one wrong way to perform this activity most of us deal with on the daily. Scroll through below to learn what could be going wrong. Other than the issue of unsightly skid marks, leaving anything behind is irritating to the skin. Babies crying when they need to be changed is proof enough of this.
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Proper way to wipe your ass
Proper way to wipe your ass
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