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The mission to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan (special mission 13) involved seven planes, but the one we remember was the Enola Gay. Captain Theodore Van Kirk, Navigator. Aug 04,  · "Dutch" Van Kirk, the last surviving crew member of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima reminisces. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTub. Lyrics to "(Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb" song by Grave Digger: Soldier of truth he seems so cool Feels the sound of a gun God's by your side lies or truth He wanna.

Drop enola gay
Drop enola gay

On 6 Augustduring the final stages of World War IIbingo free geisha signup became the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb. The bomb, code-named drop enola gay Little Boy drop enola gay, was targeted at the city of HiroshimaJapan, and caused the near-complete destruction of the city. Enola Gay participated in the second atomic attack as the weather reconnaissance aircraft for the primary target of Kokura. Clouds and drifting smoke resulted in a secondary target, Nagasakibeing bombed instead. In Mayit was flown to Kwajalein for the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests in the Pacific, but was not chosen to make the test drop at Bikini Atoll. Later that year it was transferred to the Smithsonian Institutionand spent many years parked at air bases exposed to the drop enola gay and souvenir hunters, before being disassembled and transported to the Smithsonian's storage facility at Suitland, Marylandin
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Drop enola gay
Drop enola gay
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