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This page contains tales of the goddess' wrath incited by threats to her virginity and offences against her mother Leto. The most famous of these stories include the hybristic boasts of Niobe, the hunter Aktaion who spied upon her bath, the Aloadai giants who would take her for a laws world quotation doubt virgin birth and the lusts of the giant Orion. The gods Apollon and Artemis later appeared, seeking to avenge their mother, and Leimos slew his brother out of fear of accusation. Artemis saw his guilt, and in her wrath, struck him down with arrows. Apollon and Artemis, her divine children, rushed to their mother's defence, descended upon Thebes and laws world quotation doubt virgin birth down the 14 children with their arrows Apollon the seven boys, and Artemis the seven girls. Some say, Artemis was merciful, and spared the youngest daughter.
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Laws world quotation doubt virgin birth
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