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Tiger striped leaf frog watch online

Tiger striped leaf frog
Tiger striped leaf frog

Tiger-striped leaf frog Phyllomedusa tomopterna. The tiger-striped leaf frog Phyllomedusa tomopterna has many unique features. Its orange belly and tiger-like stripped legs make it unlike other frogs. Tiger-striped leaf frogs live in the tropical lowland forests as well as the tropical and subtropical swamps where they like to hang out in the canopy above pools of water. Not only does this give the frogs a polished look, but it acts as ivan massow naked built-in sunscreen to protect the frogs from harmful rays of the sun and to retain moisture. They like tiger striped leaf frog do their exploring at night. In this way, they appear to be tiger striped leaf frog more than a bump on a branch or lump on a leaf.
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Tiger striped leaf frog
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