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Animal Joke fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo 69 a porcuipine have an orgy at the zoo Animal Joke Long Joke A duck walks into a store and asks the manager if he sells grapes. The manager says no, If my mom was a deer and my dad was a buck, I'd be a little deer. If my mom was a duck and my dad was a goose. "Fuck for a Duck" joke A farmer sent his 15 year old son to town and, as a birthday present, handed him a duck., "See if you can get a girl in exchange for this," he said. In town, the lad met a prostitute and said, "It's my birthday and all I've got is this duck. I told you to go to town and sell the duck!!""Dad," he says, "You wouldn't believe the day I've had! First, I got a fuck for the duck, then I got the duck for a fuck then I got a buck to duck a fuck and I still have the fucking duck!!".

Joke duck buck fuck
Joke duck buck fuck

A joke duck buck fuck and son live on a farm. One day the father says, "Son, things haven't been going very well and I'm afraid we'll have to sell your duck. I'm really sorry, but we need the money. I want you to take the duck to town and bring back the money. Halfway to town he runs into a hooker.
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Joke duck buck fuck
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