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If you are supplementing breast milk with baby formula, always follow the directions on the formula package. Do not add the formula powder directly into the breast milk. There is not enough liquid or water to dilute the concentrated mix. Jun 11,  · Combining Breastfeeding With Formula. If you need to supplement your infant's diet with pumped breast milk and formula, they may be mixed together safely in the same bottle. () If you are needing to supplement your baby's feedings with breast milk, I recommend feeding from the breast first (or from a bottle containing breast milk only), then giving your baby a second bottle containing formula. If you do decide to mix breast milk with formula in the same bottle, please keep in mind that you MUST prepare the formula.

Breast milk formula mix
Breast milk formula mix

When Breast milk formula mix was pregnant with my twinsI resolved to nurse them exclusively no matter what. I knew about breast milk's many health and developmental benefits, so I did everything possible to ensure my success. I reached out to mothers of multiples, found a great lactation consultant, and even bought a special pillow designed to help me feed both babies at once. Breast milk formula mix Thomas and Elisabeth were born Because they each had difficulty latching on and I didn't make enough milk to feed them both, my infants wound up getting a combination of breast milk and formula.
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Breast milk formula mix
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